Scranton, PA Workers Compensation Lawyers

If you suffer an injury, illness, or permanent disability while on the job, we are here for you. Maximizing your recovery is our priority. We understand the emotional, physical and financial difficulties you endure when injured on the job. Regardless of the type of injury you sustain we can guide you through the entire confusing process, attend hearings and work to get you the benefits you deserve.

Workers Compensation compensates injured workers for wages lost during recovery from their injuries, medical expenses incurred for the treatment of your work related injury or illness and compensation for permanent impairment or disability.

The experience you deserve

Workers Compensation is a State mandated insurance program to provide compensation to employees who suffer work related injuries and ailments. Determining eligibility for benefits can give rise to complex issues which may lead to disputes, which is when you need an experienced workers compensation advocate to make sure you receive fair treatment and compensation for your injuries.

For three decades we have fought to obtain a full range of workers compensation benefits for employees who suffered workplace injuries. We are progressive, compassionate and dedicated advocates to protect your rights as an injured worker. We welcome the opportunity to help you.

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